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• 8/24/2018

Bonjour a la communauté francaise !

Nous recherchons des membres pour notre clan GNYRK ! Venez nous rendre visite (et nous avons un vocal si cela vous interesse :3)
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• 7/6/2018

Forum content has been migrated

Hello everyone,

You may notice some posts here in Discussions that seem strangely old for being new, and some written by anonymous users. That is because content from the wiki's old forums has been migrated into this Discussions area. No posts have been lost, and you can now carry on conversations in one instead of two separate places.

The old forum boards have been turned into additional categories. Admins here can consolidate the categories, if they wish.

Curious to find out more about what this is about? Here are our FAQ:
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• 6/9/2018


Annonce pour les francophones, nous recherchons du monde pour remplir notre clan, actif jeune adulte.
Pour ceux qui veulent tout simplement profité comme pour les joueurs plus sérieux.
Discord dispo assez réactif avec pas mal d'information qu'on a pu glanné ici et là.
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• 11/5/2017

How Do I Unlock Sky Falls?

I beat Star Sanctuary on both Normal and Hard, but Sky Falls is still locked. Is there something else I need to do?
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• 9/20/2017

My Seira would be best... IF I HAD ONE (SaltMine Thread)

How's this Seira event treating you? Do you like those upgraded rates? How about that Dark Seira re-roll?


Then let's scream about it, shall we?

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• 9/18/2017

Have You Joined Our Discord?

Did you know we have an active Discord server? It's a great place to get instant feedback and to connect with others in the community. Discord can be used via a web browser, desktop, or your phone!

You can learn more about our server on the Wikia's Discord page:

Why not stop in and chat?
Discord Server
Discord Server Monster Super League Wikia
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• 8/14/2017

Spreadsheet Of Astromon

Here is a link to a spreadsheet I created. The X's are monster I have, but anyone should be able to copy and paste it to your own document and change the numbers to reflect your own monsters, and the blue monsters are where I have all of eve 3 or all of the monsters of eve 3 of that species.
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• 7/19/2017


How many of Astromons slots can you add?
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• 6/10/2017


There should be another way to fusion. To get to shiva you have one way where you are given many choices like light anu or water victoria, which can be nice additions to your team. But on the other side you have to catch 16 boltwings, making sure 1 is a fire one at least. So I wanted to suggest that it should be added another fusion table to get the fire boltwing, it won't be easy, but also not as difficult as it already is.

It could add some new astromons that could be great, like cura, cupid, succubus, tiger or something like those. As well as some low star ones like monkiki, bron, bellpup or shellie. And make them fuse in order to get a fire boltwing. As you can see for the astromons I mentioned, it would not be easy and you would need or high level, or high ammount of astrogems to get those astromons.
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• 5/27/2017
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• 5/16/2017

Missing/Incorrect Info List - Please Contribute

Please post below any pages, sections, incorrect information, or missing images you find while browsing the Wiki. This will help us track down things that need to be changed/updated.
Those to update/correct things posted here: Please reply here or in the Wiki discord server's #wiki-support channel to let us know that it has been corrected.
Thank you!
🌟 Maymurs (=ΦwΦ=) 🌟 15:07, May 16, 2017 (UTC)
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This post is locked.
• 5/8/2017

Discussion about nominating a new bureaucrat

Once a user successfully adopts a Wiki and becomes a bureaucrat, they gain the ability to promote a Wikia user to Administrator(sysop), Rollback, Content Moderator, Discussions Moderator, Chat Moderator or another Bureaucrat. They also can remove the rights of other users up to nothing, excluding the Bureaucrat right (with the exception of their own Bureaucrat role). See w:Help:User rights for more information.
Due to this, the Bureaucrat role is the most powerful admin right among other admin/mod rights that a normal Wikia user can have and shouldn't be given out easily or abused by a tyrant.
In my opinion, I think User:Maymurs is suitable to be a bureaucrat for the Monster Super League Wikia since she was an active admin for our wiki previously and also was one of notable mods of our wiki's Discord server(currently closed), so she's regarded as a trustful person with great admin experience.
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• 4/6/2017

To Heart Wiki

In case you forgotten about across other Fandom wikis, I'm also an owner of To Heart Wiki as an adoptive founder. I saw that that anime, but their community was pretty much inactive since 2014.
To Heart is just a visual novel game, but they also adapted to anime and manga.
If you are interested towards to that anime, you are welcome to make our community grow!
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• 2/5/2017

Astromon Inventory

I asked around and they said that the maximum is 200 now and I think the price changed too. I'm at 125 now and I paid 200k not 300k.
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• 12/8/2016

What determines blue orb droprate?

Any theories on this or anything datamined? Damage, # of attacks, combos even?
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• 10/11/2016

Astromon League Defense Meta debate

What are your opinions on the Astromon League Defense, which Stats, Passives, Variant Skills and Astromons are strong in defense in your opinion and why?
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• 10/10/2016

Discord RPG!

Discord RPG is now available on our Discord server. Feel free to discuss or show off your accomplishments here as well (via Discord RPG category tag). Server details:
Discord Server Monster Super League Wikia
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• 9/22/2016

Discussions is now up!

Discussions is now up! This will be our main network/social network for the Monster Super League Wiki community besides live chat on our Discord server ( Enjoy!
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• 9/17/2016

Miho Attack Time Frame

I have the data on my message board if you want to take a look.
Too lazy to copy it here, Sorry about that
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• 9/17/2016


I'm interested in the game nowadays. Can I apply for an adminship here?
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