“Ascension is the method by which you extend the limits of an Astromon's ability. Let's take Birdies as an example. At some point, you will find Beaker can no longer grow any stronger. When that time comes, you will need mystic stones called "starstones" to help him/her overcome his/her limits and continue progressing. That is what ascension is. You are still gaining experience, so you may not feel the need now, but ascension will be crucial if you wish to reach certain heights. You can obtain Starstones from the Starstone Dungeon. You will also need other stones infused with elemental energy, which can be found in Elemental Dungeons. Each dungeon is guarded by an overlord who is there to test you, and whom you must defeat to obtain the stones they guard. It is a good way to test your limits. Stocking up on starstones, and their elemental cousins, will be to your benefit as you progress.”


Astromon GradesEdit

All Astromons have a grade ranging from 1 to 6, indicated by the number of stars (Star) they have. Astromons begin at different grades, but all can be ascended up to grade 6. An Astromon's grade determines its max level. This starting level is commonly referred as the Nat-level (abbreviated from "Natural level") of Astromon so for example Fire Miho is a Nat3, because Fire Miho naturally exists as a three-star Astromon.


You can ascend Astromons to higher grades, increasing their max level. Additionally, when ascending an Astromon to 3Star and 5Star, they will learn passive skills that bolster their basic and active skills, respectively. However, take note that ascending an Astromon will reset its level to 1.


To perform an ascension, the Astromon must be fully leveled up, and you must have enough Starstones and Elemental Stones. Starstones can be obtained from the Starstone Dungeon, and Elemental Stones from their respective Elemental Dungeon. The shady shop sells some too.

The table below illustrates the resources required to ascend an Astromon to the next grade.

Ascension from Starstone Low Starstones Firestone Low Elemental Stones GoldGold Notes
[Low] Starstone Low x1 - 10,000 Max level: 10 -> 20
[Low] Starstone Low x5 - 30,000 Max level: 20 -> 30

Unlocks a passive for the Normal Skill

[Low] Starstone Low x30 [Low] Firestone Low x10 100,000 Max level: 30 -> 40
[Mid] Starstone Mid x30 [Low] Firestone Low x30

[Mid] Firestone Mid x20

300,000 Max level: 40 -> 50

Unlocks a passive for the Active Skill

[High] Starstone High x50 [Mid] Firestone Mid x50

[High] Firestone High x50

1,000,000 Max level: 50 -> 60

Stone FusionEdit

Players can convert low grade stones to higher grade stones through Stone fusion. This process consumes the low grade stone and requires gold. Stones can only be converted into higher grades, they cannot be converted into lower grades.

Stone fusion can be found by clicking on an Astromon > Ascension > Stone Fusion.


In order to fuse a stone, click on it's lesser version and then click "fuse". Ex: For a [Mid] Lightstone you would click on the [Low] Lightstone icon.

Conversion Costs & Requirements

Fusion Materials Cost
[Low] Starstone Low x10 [Mid] Starstone Mid x1 5,000 Gold
[Mid] Starstone Mid x10 [High] Starstone High x1 20,000 Gold
*Note: Fusion cost is the same for every element


Equipped Gems, Gem slots, Awakening, Evolution and Variant status remain the same after an ascension.

Ascending to 3Star will unlock a passive for your Normal Skill and Ascending to 5Star will unlock a passive for your Active Skill. Both passives vary according to the Astromon and its element.

After an ascension completes, the Astromon's level will reset back to one, and its stats will temporarily decrease. However, its stat potential will be higher, for the same Astromon level, the higher the grade the higher the stats. Note that leveling will be harder with an higher grade (Check the Experience page for more details).

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