“So, you're wondering why the Astromon League exists?

Hehe, it's not as simple a tournament as you're thinking. The Astromon League brings together all masters across the globe under a single objective. Any sort of discord, whether social or political or otherwise, is solved in the Astromon League. ...the Astromon League is essentially the law of Latecia.

To be named victor of the Astromon League is the greatest honor any master can attain, or indeed anyone in Latecia. The winner also receives prize money from the Astromasters' Association, and a stipend every month...”


League Ticket League TicketsEdit

League Tickets are used to play in the Astromon League. 1 ticket is required for each battle, and it refills automatically after 5 hours. (1 ticket every 30 minutes)

League Medal League MedalsEdit

League Medals are a form of currency obtained by winning league battles, and can be used to buy items from the shop that are unavailable otherwise.

Champions League DivisionsEdit

There are a total of 9 divisions in the Astromon League: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Challengers, Masters, Heroes, and Champions. You can move up or down between divisions depending on your league points.

League Points League PointsEdit

League divisions and rankings are determined based on league points. The number of points you earn from winning a match is determined by the difference in points between you and your opponent, and you can earn twice the points by winning a rematch against a player who defeated you. However, you will lose points when others defeat your defense party, so make sure to form a party that can hold its own. Each time the league ranks reset, players begin again with 500 league points.

Defense BattlesEdit

Defense Battles are matches in which your defense party fends off attacks from other players. Different from your regular party, defense parties are made of five Astromons: four regulars, and one "hidden" Astromon.

Hidden Astromons remain hidden from the opponent and do not enter the battle until one of the four initial Astromons is defeated. You can earn league points for winning a defense battle, but you will lose points if your party is defeated, making it important to place your strongest Astromons on the front lines of defense.

Astrogem Rewards and Rank ResetsEdit

League ranks will reset each Sunday at 13:00 (UTC+0). Once all the points are tallied, you will receive a weekly bonus based on the division and tier in which you placed.

Astrogem Ranks & RewardsEdit

League Tier League PointsLeague Points League Reward League Medal League Medals/win


3 League Points 0+ 30 Astrogem 3 League Medal
2 League Points 400+ 40 Astrogem
1 League Points 500+ 50 Astrogem


3 League Points 520+ 80 Astrogem 3 League Medal
2 League Points 540+ 90 Astrogem
1 League Points 560+ 100 Astrogem


3 League Points 600+ 120 Astrogem 3 League Medal
2 League Points 620+ 130 Astrogem
1 League Points 650+ 140 Astrogem


3 League Points 700+ 150 Astrogem 4 League Medal
2 League Points 720+ 160 Astrogem
1 League Points 750+ 170 Astrogem


3 League Points 800+ 200 Astrogem 4 League Medal
2 League Points 850+ 225 Astrogem
1 League Points 900+ 250 Astrogem


3 League Points 1000+ 300 Astrogem 4 League Medal
2 League Points 1050+ 325 Astrogem
1 League Points 1100+ 350 Astrogem


3 League Points 1200+ 400 Astrogem 5 League Medal
2 League Points 1250+ 425 Astrogem
1 League Points 1300+ 450 Astrogem


3 League Points 1400+ 500 Astrogem 5 League Medal
2 League Points 1450+ 600 Astrogem
1 League Points 1500+ 700 Astrogem


- 1st in the ladder 1000 Astrogem ? League Medal

Shop League Medals ShopEdit

Item Description Price
Secret Egg High <High> Secret Egg 3 to 5Star Fire/Water/Wood Astromon 100 League Medal
Gleem FireWaterWood Fire/Water/Wood Gleem Ascension material for a Fire/Water/Wood Evo.1 Astromon 150 League Medal
Fiery Egg <High> Fiery Egg 3 to 5Star Fire Astromon 150 League Medal
Ocean Egg <High> Ocean Egg 3 to 5Star Water Astromon 150 League Medal
Grassy Egg <High> Grassy Egg 3 to 5Star Wood Astromon 150 League Medal
Fiery Egg Variant

<High> Fiery Egg

3 to 5Star Variant Fire Astromon 900 League Medal
Ocean Egg Variant

<High> Ocean Egg

3 to 5Star Variant Water Astromon 900 League Medal
Grassy Egg Variant

<High> Grassy Egg

3 to 5Star Variant Wood Astromon 900 League Medal

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