• Mudkipzer

    Just a List of most Useful Links if we talk about MSL.  Updated: 29.11.2018 I Use this List to sort out Stuff and have my Stuff when i need it.

    The most Updated Overall Tierlist atm:

    Some Other Tier lists (Prob not up2date):

    Experience Table:…

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  • Wise01

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to share with you my Titan Tier List, although it is based on calculations, it could be amiss so please don't consider this as a fact but rather as a direction. Tiers reflect the Astromons survavibility, potential damages, self/team heals and Attack/Defense Buffs but are not affected by debuffs (those are mandatory anyways and can only be applied once as well as they can't stack, therefore it seems to me that it would invalidate the tier list overall). To make it easier to read this tier list will have a section for Variants (any element) and for each Titan. You can click Astromon's icons to access the Astromon pages for more details on each Astromon. Feel free to ask me anything in the comments at the end of th…

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  • Wise01

    Team Combinations

    October 16, 2016 by Wise01

    This guide will highlight some of the best possible teams in the game. It’s important to know about team synergies so you can make your team more powerful and watch out for deadly combos in the Astromon League. Have you found a great team that isn’t listed? Let me know in the comments!

    Aggression (Defense)

    The absolute best part about this team is that it has both a good sustain and a good damage output. However, be aware of fire Astromons and focus them first!

    Support Damage Dealer Damage Dealer Support/Healer

    Banshee (Wood) Victoria (Light) Seastar (Dark) Hana (Wood)
    Protector's Shield (Variant)

    Morale Boost, Defense Down

    Aggression (Defense) Aggression (Defense) Attack Down

    Heal+Defense Up

    Banshee (Wood) is here to provide extra defense with the…

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  • Wise01

    Gold Management Guide

    September 19, 2016 by Wise01

    We are all wondering it at some point: "How do I get more gold?" but it is not all about getting more gold, but also trying to use less, here are a few tips to get and save gold.

    Gotta Catch 'Em All!

    Probably the most important thing to do in the game, cathing is truly essential, but not free! Each Astrochip costs 500. Check the Capture achievement tab for the rewards you could get from catching. Do not catch what is not in this list early on in the game, focus on the achievements and do not increase the catch rate, just be patient. Note that Variant, Rare, S.Rare and Legendary capture achievements are repeatable making it a good way to farm astrogems.

    Your inventory is full!

    You should consider spending some gold to expand the Astromon invent…

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