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A non-player character (NPC), sometimes known as a non-person character or non-playable character, is any character that is not controlled by a player but controlled by the computer through artificial intelligence. NPC behavior is scripted and automatic, triggered by certain actions or dialogue with the player characters. All NPCs are Astromons but can only be played under certain circumstances. (such as Seira who randomly appears as a Supporter)

NPCs on the AirshipEdit

Seira (NPC) Zephyros (NPC) Camilla (NPC)
Seira Zephyros Camilla
Tina (NPC) Eve (NPC) Nezz (NPC)
Tina Eve Nezz

Other NPCsEdit

Stella Normal Luna Normal Kazz Happy Yurika Happy
Stella Luna Kaz Yurika

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