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Clans were introduced in the Jan. 18 update


Clans can be created once a player has reached level five and costs a total of 1,000,000 Gold. The user will automatically be placed as Clan Master and can appoint up to three Clan Officers. A total of 40 members can be in a Clan.

At the beginning of a season the Clan Master selects the region they would like to defend. Clans defending the same region compete to defeat the strongest level Titan and be awarded "Top Clan". The current available regions are:

Clan Leaders can also select one of the following banners

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Emblem1 Emblem2 Emblem3 Emblem4 Emblem5 Emblem6 Emblem7 Emblem8

Emblem9 Emblem10 Emblem11 Emblem12 Emblem13 Emblem14 Emblem15 Emblem16

Emblem17 Emblem18 Emblem19 Emblem20 Emblem21 Emblem22 Emblem23

Titan BattlesEdit

Clans work together in a group battle to defeat a Titan. Clans encounter a Titan twice a day, with members being able to battle up to three times within those two blocks. Encounter times are based on the leader's time zone and last for a total of four hours (increased from two hours in the 1/25 update). Base battle times are 10:00-14:00 and 18:00-22:00 in the original clan leader's timezone. The timezone can not be changed, even if the clan is passed over to a new leader.

Each new season begins on Monday morning and includes a total of 36 battles per clan member.

In order to complete a battle, the player will need a total of 16 Astromon. Once an Astromon is used in a battle they will be unavailable until the next encounter. In order to complete all three battles within a single encounter, a total of 48 Astromon are needed.

Members can enter into a battle at the same time, however the Titan's HP will be reduced based on the fastest battle to finish. However, Clans will want to organize attack order to ensure that the amount of damage applied is not more than the Titan's remaining HP so as to not waste their energy.

Titan InformationEdit

At the beginning of the season, all Titans start at level 1. The Titans level increases after each defeat, gaining more attack and HP. The Titan's element rotates in the following pattern: Dark → Water → Wood → Light → Fire.

Titans attack in the following pattern: Left team, right team, sweeping hit on both, followed by another sweeping hit on both if original two teams are still standing. Once the second two teams appear the Titan does the following: Left team, right team, then AOE. (Currently testing for accuracy)

Titans can be affected by the following debuffs: Sap (hit 5.000 HP), Fatigue, Blind, Attack Down, Defense Down, Weaken, and Expose Weakness.

The following debuffs do not affect Titans: Petrification, Seal, Shock, Silence, Sleep, Stun, Taunt and Thirst.

In addition, Titans all have 20,000 Recovery, 25% Critical Rate (except for Light, who has 100% Critical Rate) and the following stats and abilities:

Element HP Atk Def Crit. Damage Resistance Passive Active
Light x1 5000 1200 50% 30% Attack Down
(80% 1 turn)
(60% 2 turn)
Water x1 5000 2400 50% 15% Seal
(80% 2 turns)
Attack Down
(60% 2 turns)
Wood x1 5000 1200 50% 15% Taunt
(80% 2 turns)
Buff Breaker
Dark x1 5000 1200 100% 15% Silence
(80% 2 turns)
Defense Down
(60% 2 turns)
Fire x2 4000 1200 50% 15% Thirst
(80% 1 turn)
(60% 2 types 2 turns)


After each battle the player is awarded a Treasure Chest for their efforts, even if they did not defeat the Titan within that battle. Chests are ranked from Star to StarStarStarStarStar, with the higher ranked chests holding more valuable rewards. The rank of the chest you receive is based on your battle's total damage. Chests can contain up to 12 items (not confirmed).

All Available Chest Rewards
Clan Chest 1 Clan Chest 2 Clan Chest 3 Clan Chest 4 Clan Chest 5
Star StarStar StarStarStar StarStarStarStar StarStarStarStarStar
  • 1 - 3 Clan medal
  • 1 - 10k Gold
  • [Low] Fruits
  • [Low] Secret Egg Low
  • 1 - 3 Clan medal
  • 1 - 10k Gold
  • [Low] Fruits
  • [Med] Fruits
  • 4-5Star Gems
  • 1 - 3 Clan medal
  • 1 - 10k Gold
  • [Low] Light/Dark Egg Low
  • [Low] Secret Egg Low
  • 4-6Star Gems
  • 1 - 3 Clan medal
  • 1 - 10k Gold
  •  ?-20 Energy
  •  ? Astrogem
  • 1 - 3 Clan medal
  • 1 - 10k Gold
  •  ?-20 Energy
  •  ? Astrogem

Clans also receive a reward at the end of the season which is based on the highest Titan level defeated. These rewards are divided up among the clan based on percentage of contribution throughout the entire season. All clan members receive clan points regardless of contribution level.

Reward Tiers
Clan Reward Individual Reward
Lvl 1+ Astrogem x500 Clan medal x30
Lvl 10+ Astrogem x1,000 Clan medal x30
Lvl 20+ Astrogem x2,000 Clan medal x30
Lvl 30+ Astrogem x4,000 Clan medal x30
Lvl 50+ Astrogem x5,000 Clan medal x30
Lvl 70+ Astrogem x6,000 Clan medal x30
Lvl 90+ Astrogem x7,000 Clan medal x30
Lvl 100+ Astrogem x8,000 Clan medal x40
Contribution Disbursement Tiers
Rank 1 10%
Rank 2 7%
Rank 3 5%
Rank 4~10 4%
Rank 11~15 3%
Rank 16~20 2.6%
Rank 21~25 2.4%
Rank 26~30 2%

Clans earning the Top Clan title are awarded Astrogem x10,000 and Clan medal x50. If two or more clans defeat the same level boss, the clan that dealt the most damage will become the top clan.

Clan ShopEdit

Players can user their Clan Medals to purchase items within the Clan Shop for various amounts of medals. Some items are always available while others can only be purchased once a week.

Clan Shop Items
Item Cost Description Availability
Energy Package Clan medal x10 Refills 35 Energy Always in Stock
Astrogem Lucky Box Clan medal x60 30 - 1,000 Astrogem at Random Once a Week
Gold Lucky Box Clan medal x1 7 - 7,777,777 Gold at Random Always in Stock
Triangle Rune ChestTriangle Gem Chest Clan medal x30 6Star Gem Triangle Once a Week
Square Rune ChestSquare Gem Chest Clan medal x30 6Star Gem Square Once a Week
Diamond Rune ChestDiamond Gem Chest Clan medal x30 6Star Gem Diamond Once a Week
Clan Shop Dragon SigilDragon Sigil Coffer Clan medal x50 Dragon Sigil x4 Always in Stock
Egg containing


Clan medal x800 5Star Siegfried (Fire/Water/Wood) at Random Always in Stock

Leaving A ClanEdit

Players who wish to leave a clan can do so by going to [Clan Plaza] > [Details] > and click [Leave Clan] on the lower right. Players must wait till Midnight before joining a new clan in order to discourage clan surfing.

Note- If you are involved in the clan vs clan, you may only leave your clan once the current season has finished, ie. on Sunday after rewards have been given out.

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