Just like Starstones, Elemental Stones are materials used to ascend Astromons of the same Element as the stone. All Astromons can be ascended. Ascending Astromons improves skills at the 3rd and 5th Star, increases base stats and increases the maximum level. To ascend Astromons past 3Star, Elemental Stones are needed.

There are three types of Elemental Stones for each Element: Low, Mid and High. Elemental Stones are obtainable mainly from the Elemental Dungeons but also from the Shady Shop.

Element <Low>

Elemental Stone


Elemental Stone


Elemental Stone

Elemental Dungeon
Element Fire Firestone Low Firestone Mid Firestone High Fire Dungeon

Opened on Tuesday

Element Water Waterstone Low Waterstone Mid Waterstone High Water Dungeon

Opened on Wednesday

Element Wood Woodstone Low Woodstone Mid Woodstone High Wood Dungeon

Opened on Thursday

Element Light Lightstone Low Lightstone Mid Lightstone High Light Dungeon

Opened on Friday

Element Dark Darkstone Low Darkstone Mid Darkstone High Dark Dungeon

Opened on Monday

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