Gleem[edit | edit source]

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A Gleem is an all-in-one awakening material that can be used on any Astromon of the same element. Fire, Water and Wood Gleems can be obtained from the League Medals Shop. Light and Dark Gleems are not available through normal game play and are instead sometimes obtainable through purchasable packages after a certain amount of purchases. Variant RBGLD Gleems are obtainable with a low chance.

Holy Gleem[edit | edit source]

Holy Gleem.png

Holy Gleem is a special awakening material that can be used on Astromons of any element. Holy Gleems can be obtained from Monthly Quests, Tower of Chaos 50th Floor or Events. A variant Holy Gleem has only been made available once to date (could be summoned via soulstones with fixed chance to be variant) and is not obtainable through normal game play. It is possible that it will be obtainable again in the future via similar methods for Events.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Both Gleems and Holy Gleems can only be used when evolving an Astromon from its first form (Evo.1.png) to its second form (Evo.2.png). Gleems themselves can not be evolved or ascended but they can leveled like a normal Astromon. Gleems can NOT be used to evolve an Astromon from its secondary form (Evo.2.png) to it's final form (Evo.3.png).

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