Astromons have a total of 7 stats. If HP, Attack, Defense, or Recovery result in a total with a decimal value, it will round to the nearest whole number (e.g. 20000.1 HP will be rounded to 20000 HP and 20000.9 HP will be rounded to 20001 HP).

Stat Description
HP The more hit points an Astromon has, the longer it can survive in battle.
Attack power Increases the amount of damage dealt to enemies.
Defense Decreases damage received from enemies.
Recovery Affects the amount of HP (but not SP) restored from absorbed red souls and recovery skills, and when progressing between rounds.
Critical hit rate Increases the rate at which Astromons deal critical hits, particularly powerful blows.
Critical hit damage Increases the amount of damage a critical hit deals.
Resistance Increases resistance to abnormal status effects. (Apparently 85% is the maximum)

Battle TypesEdit

Astromons come in one of 5 different battle types. Each Astromon's type is preset and fixed; for example, all fire-elemental Mihos will always be the same type. However, the same Astromons of different elements can have different battle types, so make sure to take advantage of this when strategizing.

Battle Type Description
Balanced Balanced Stats
Tank Increased HP;

Decreased Attack, Defense and Recovery.

Attacker Increased Attack;

Decreased HP, Defense and Recovery.

Defender Increased Defense;

Decreased HP, Attack and Recovery.

Recovery Increased Recovery;

Decreased HP, Attack and Defense.

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