Special ShopEdit

Players can purchase summons from the Special Shop by using Astrogems. Players can purchase an individual summon for 60 Astrogem or a group purchase of ten summons that comes with an additional 11th guaranteed variant Astromon for a total of 600 Astrogem.

Special Shop pulls only summon Astromon of the basic elements (Fire, Water, Wood) and can summon Astromon from 3 to 5 Star rank.

Purchasing summons from the Special Shop also gives the player Crystals Crystal which can be used to purchase items from the Crystal Shop. One Special Shop summon gives 3 crystals, and a 10+1 summons for 600 astrogems results in 33 crystals.


Players will sometimes receive eggs by completing normal quests, special events, through push notice events, or by purchasing them from shops for gold or medals.

Eggs come in various tiers, with each tier summoning Astromons of a specific star rank. Below are all of the eggs available within the game.


Players can sacrifice a number of Astromons of X Star rank or higher in order to summon a new Astromon from that month’s Rebirth List. Using variant Astromon increases the chance of the summoned Astromon also being a variant.

3 Star Rebirths: Players can sacrifice 5 Astromons of natural 3 Star rank or higher
Cost per Rebirth: 10,000

4 Star Rebirths: Players can sacrifice 3 Astromons of natural 4 Star rank or higher
Cost per Rebirth: 30,000

5 Star Rebirths: Players can sacrifice 3 Astromons of natural 5 Star rank
Cost per Rebirth: 1,000,000

Rebirth lists refresh roughly once every month and can contain one or several different Astromon. Normally all element types are present, but it’s ultimately up to the 4:33 devs.

Previous Rebirth Astromons
Season 1

September 2016

Miho FireMiho WaterMiho WoodMiho LightMiho Dark
Season 2

October 2016

Seastar FireSeastar WaterSeastar WoodSeastar LightSeastar Dark
Season 3

November 2016

Hunter FireHunter WaterHunter WoodHunter LightHunter Dark
Season 4

December 2016

Miho FireMiho WaterMiho WoodMiho LightMiho DarkVictoria LightVictoria Dark
Season 5

January 2017

Jellai FireJellai WaterJellai WoodJellai LightJellai Dark
Season 6

February 2017

Mona FireMona WaterMona WoodMona LightMona DarkTruffel Dark
Season 7

March 2017

Medusa FireMedusa WaterMedusa WoodMedusa LightMedusa DarkBon Light
Season 8

April 2017

Monkiki FireMonkiki WaterMonkiki WoodMonkiki LightMonkiki DarkSeastar LightSeastar Dark
Season 9

May 2017

Hunter FireHunter WaterHunter WoodHunter LightHunter DarkVictoria LightVictoria Dark
Season 10

June 2017

Cocomaru FireCocomaru WaterCocomaru WoodCocomaru LightCocomaru DarkGemini Light
Season 11

July 2017

Phibian FirePhibian WaterPhibian WoodPhibian LightPhibian Dark
Season 12

August 2017

Latt FireLatt WaterLatt LightLatt DarkOtari LightOtari Dark
Season 13

September 2017

Radis FireRadis WaterRadis WoodRadis LightRadis Dark
Season 14

October 2017

Birdie FireBirdie WaterBirdie LightBirdie DarkMiho LightMiho Dark
Season 15

November 2017

Yeti FireYeti WaterYeti WoodYeti LightYeti Dark
Season 16

December 2017

Seedler FireSeedler WaterSeedler WoodSeedler LightSeedler Dark


Soulstones can be purchased from the Shady Shop or obtained by completing Guardian Dungeons. When the player has collected enough Soulstones of an Astromon, the player can summon that Astromon for a Gold cost.

The number of Soulstones needed and cost to summon an Astromon depend on the Astromon's star rank. Rarer Astromon require more stones and more gold in order to be summoned.

Grade Soulstones
StarStar 15 5,000 Gold
StarStarStar 30 10,000 Gold
StarStarStarStar 50 50,000 Gold
StarStarStarStarStar 100 100,000 Gold


Fusion allows the player to sacrifice specific Astromon they currently have in order to summon a different Astromon, often one that is stronger or harder to obtain.


In-Game fusion chart depicting how to obtain a Light Shiva.

Each fusion consumes the two base Astromon and summons a new Astromon with random gem slots. Fusion summoned Astromon also have a chance of being a variant. Using a variant Astromon(s) in a fusion does not guarantee that the summoned Astromon will also be a variant nor is there any evidence that it increases your chance of summoning a variant like in Rebirth.

Although 4:33 periodically offers special Astromon fusions for a limited amount of time (ex. L/D Gatito, Venus, etc.) the most common use for Fusion at the moment is to obtain a Light Shiva.

Current Available Fusions (last updated October 1, 2019, cost has NOT been verified)
Required Astromons Summoned Astromon Cost
Stormbeak Fire + Anubis Light = Shiva Light 1,000,000 Gold
Nike Water + Stonelem Light = Anu Light 500,000 Gold
Siren Wood + Cocoro Water = Victoria Water 300,000 Gold
Woolfius Light + Estrella Dark = Rocky Light 300,000 Gold
Beth Wood + Cotteen Water = Seiren Wood 50,000 Gold
Seedler Wood + Arc Fire = Cocomaru Water 50,000 Gold
Miho Water + Miho Wood = Woolf Light 50,000 Gold
Cosmo Light + Kilobat Light = Cosmo Dark 50,000 Gold

Exotic Fusion Edit

Baby Shark (December 2019): Edit
Mon X + Mon Y = Mon Q Cost (g)
Baby Shark Evo.2 + Ghos Evo.2 = L Gleem (Can only do once) 300,000

Astral IncubatorEdit

The Astral Incubator is the only way to summon the Astromon, Jinn within the game. Players are required to collect 200 Astral Essences and use 300,000 Gold to summon the Astromon. The element and gem slots are random and determined at the time of summoning. All five elements (Fire/Water/Wood/Light/Dark) can be summoned.

Astral Essences can be obtained by successfully clearing a floor within the Dragon Dungeon.

Hero's ContractEdit

After a player has completed their 7-day login event (given to all new players) they will be given the chance to create a contract with one of three available 5Star Astromon.

Players must log in every day for a total of 15 days. Each day grants the player a reward, with the last day being an evo.1 of the Astromon they picked. Failure to log in will break the chain and the player will have to create a new contract.

Current Astromon Choices

ContractIcon Arthur   ContractIcon Odin   ContractIcon Valk

Contract Reward List
Day 1
Energy x20
Day 2
Energy x20
Day 3
Energy x20
Day 4
Energy x20
Day 5
Energy x20
Day 6
10,000 Gold
Day 7
10,000 Gold
Day 8
10,000 Gold
Day 9
10,000 Gold
Day 10
10,000 Gold
Day 11
Astrogem x20
Day 12
Astrogem x20
Day 13
Astrogem x20
Day 14
Astrogem x20
Day 15

Contract of LightEdit

A second, Light Astromon contract is available once the player reaches level 30. Players can pick one of three Astromon: Valkyrie, Arthur, or Odin. The player must be level 45 to complete the contract. For players already level 45 when this was introduced, they must log in for 11 consecutive days.

Contract of Darkness Edit

Available once you complete the light contract starting at level 46. You need to complete weekly missions for 5 consecutive weeks.

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