aka mudkipzer

  • I live in Germany
  • I was born on November 6
  • I am Don't Assume it.


You can contact me ..Edit

  • Here!
  • On the Offical Wiki Discord as "Godly Heavenly MemeLord Irelia"
  • Discord Tag: "A fucking Salt-Simulator#8565"

You could also join Europe .. Edit

*click here for the Discord link*

  • UTC+3
  • Titan always above 110
  • lvl req atleast 45+

Just join the Discord and feel Welcome. Almost everyone is Welcome.

Monster Super League who am i Edit

  • mudkipzer
  • Level 63
  • Clan-Member of Europe
  • In Love with his Light Indra
  • you got jealous, right?
  • I wish it was Dark.

hehexd Edit


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