Hello, I'm the Founder of Monster Super League Wiki. If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to comment or message me.

My Background

I'm also the Founder of One Way Heroics Wiki and 100% Orange Juice Wiki

One Way Heroics is a JRPG and roque-like for PC. 100% Orange Juice is a board game (similar to Mario Party) for PC. 

One Way Heroics Wiki is personally recognized by Playism (who is the publisher) and our fan wiki team is thanked by a Playism staff member for spreading new information about the game and its developer. Also our wiki thread on the official Steam game forum is a sticky (a forum thread that is pinned or featured by a staff member) along with our active Steam group with 200+ members in counting. SmokingWOLF (the game's developer) is very aware of the wiki.

For the 100% Orange Juice wiki, it is also a bit recognized by Fruitbat Factory (who is the publisher) and has a wiki sticky thread on the official Steam game forums as well.

As for my main thing, I run an anime blog and blog a variety of daily content mostly relating to anime or Japan. Feel free to check it out by clicking on my personal site link.

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