Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance Schedule
  • "We will be performing a scheduled maintenance beginning on Thursday, January 25th, 07:10(UTC+0) and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 09:50(UTC+0). During this time the game will be unavailable for play."

Maintenance Details

▸ New Astromon Added

MSL KiKi Preview
  • Kiki(3★Fire/Water/Wood, 4★Light/Dark) added
  • Kiki will be available to use as a Supporter
  • New Skill Books added for Kiki(3★Fire/Water/Wood, 4★Light/Dark)

▸ Costume Boutique and Materials Added

MSL Costumes
Mystic Fabric

Mystic Fabrics for Costumes

  • 3 costume collections added (3 different colors each)
    • Back to School Collection (Miho, Ran, Horan)
    • New Class Collection (Vulpiness Ran)
    • Senior Class Collection (Vulpiness Horan)
  • Costume's colors don't relate to Astromon's elements
  • Purchased costumes can be worn by same Astromons simultaneously
  • Astromons with costumes equipped will have a small ribbon mark on their character's thumbnail
MSL Costume Shop

Costume Shop on Airship

  • Mystic Fabric - Specific in-game materials for crafting costumes. You can get them through:
    • [Mystic Fabric] Purchase Pop-up
    • Crystal Shop -> Mystic Fabric
    • Login Event's 22nd to 27th rewards will be replaced to Mystic Fabrics (Starts on February 1st)
    • Rewards from completing Bingo will sometimes give you Mystic Fabric

▸ Synergy Updates

  • 7 New Hidden Synergies from the winners of the "2nd Hidden Synergy Event" added
    • Winner's names will be shown by pressing Synergy's buttons
  • All synergies will now apply to "All Areas"
    • "All Areas" however, excludes "Clan Regional Defense, Clan Conflict, and Ancient Colossus Dungeon"

Bug Fixes

▸ General

  • Login Event's 7th day reward will change from "[High] Secret Egg" to "[Legendary] Secret Egg"
  • Fennec(3★Fire/Water/Wood, 4★Light/Dark) and Kiki(3★Fire/Water/Wood, 4★Light/Dark)'s skill books will now drop in various stages
  • After graduating from Clan Apprentice, 1,000,000 gold will be distributed by joining any clans again (Once only)
  • Damage done to Titans during Clan Regional Defense will be shown at the top of the screen (Excludes Clan Login Bonuses)
  • Recorded "Best Clear Time" will now apply to every sub stages instead of the whole stage
  • Number of "Dragon Sigils" will show on top of the Dragon Dungeon icon in the world map

▸ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that turning off "Notice at Battle's End" in the Settings also caused "Rare Astromon Notices" to not work
  • Fixed an issue that hatching eggs continuously made the result screen abnormal
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Bingo timer to stop running
  • Fixed an issue that caused the game to freeze when pressing "i" button in the Hidden Synergy page during the pause of the battle
  • Fixed a bug that removed Crowd/Creature Controls (Stun, Petrify, etc) from the enemy Astromons after failed to capture one
  • Fixed an issue that Super Laboratory to show notice even if you don't have enough materials to craft Super Stones

 Ending Events

▸ Ends on Jan 25th after the maintenance

  • Fennec as your Supporter
  • [Limited]Adieu 2017! Airship Pack Discount Event

▸ Ends on Jan 31st 02:59(UTC+0)

  • Grabag Capture Festival
  • [Season Limited] (3★)Variant Grabag(Fire) Available at Crystal Shop
  • [Season Limited] (3★)Grabag(Light)&(3★)Grabag(Dark) Packages
  • [Season Limited] New Year's Package
  • [Grabag Capture Festival Limited] Benedict's Support Package 1+1 Event
  • [Season Limited] (3★)Grabag(Fire)'s Soulstones Available at Shady Shop

▸ Ends on Jan 31st 14:59(UTC+0)

  • [Season Limited] (3★)Grabag(Fire) Guardian Dungeon
  • 3 Packages for Fusion to make the best out of Grabag Capture Festival
  • [Season Limited] 4 Skill Books

▸ Ends on Jan 31st 23:59(Local Time)

  • [Season Limited] Epic Fusion Event!

Sources: Official Facebook Page, Maintenance Notes

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