Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance Schedule
  • March 29th, 07:10 ~ 09:20 (UTC+0)

Maintenance Details
Merlin Art.png

▸ New Astromon Added

  • Merlin(5★ Fire,Water,Wood,Light,Dark)
    • Fire/Water/Wood from Hero Fest, Dark from Fusion
  • Beatel(4★ Wood)
    • Guardian Dungeon
Preview Merlin.png
Leader Skill: Firm Resolve 20~25% Resist Reduction in Astromon League
Fire Attacker 50% SP Regen 50% Hunter
Water Attacker Morale Boost: 100% chance to return 15% SP to allies Elemental Advantage
Wood Balanced Courageous Strike Courageous Strike
Light Tank Shock: 70%, 2 Turns Merciless Strike
Dark Tank SP Siphon: 30% SP Stun: 80%, 1 turn

Preview Beatel.png
Leader Skill: Firm Resolve Ally Resistance (same element) up by 15~20%
Wood Balanced Atk Down: 60%, 2 turns Stun: 70%, 1 turn

▸ Heroe's Fest and Fusion Astromon Added

Merlin Fusion.png
  • Merlin (Fire, Water, Wood) added to Heroes'Fest exclusives
  • Merlin (Dark) added to Fusion Chart
    • Shiva remains unchanged.

▸ Pinolo Returns

  • Pinolo (3★Wood) returns to Latecia. Details unknown.
    • Pinolo (Wood) soulstones will randomly appear in Shady Shop as well

▸ Change to New Player Special Login Rewards

Before After
  • Day 1 = [High] Secret Egg x1
  • Day 2 = (3★)Miho(Wood) x1
  • Day 3 = Astrogem x100
  • Day 4 = Gold x50,000
  • Day 5 = Astrogem x200
  • Day 6 = Energy x100
  • Day 7 = (4★)Victoria(Light) x1
  • Day 1 = [High] Ocean Egg x2
  • Day 2 = Gold x300,000
  • Day 3 = Astrogem x300
  • Day 4 = [High] Grassy Egg x2
  • Day 5 = [High] Fiery Egg x2
  • Day 6 = Astrogem x300
  • Day 7 = (4★)Victoria(Light) x1

▸ Limited Variant Holy Gleem Package

  • April 17th 14:59 (UTC+0)
    • 1 Variant Holy Gleem
    • 1 [Legendary] Secret Egg
    • 1 [High] Light/Dark Egg
    • 200,000 Gold
    • 100 Energy
  • Can only be purchased once during sale period.

▸ Ending Events

  • Ends on Mar 29th 02:59(UTC+0)
    • Flora Capture Festival
    • [Season Limited] (3★)Flora(Wood)'s Soulstones Available at Shady Shop
    • [Season Limited] (3★)Variant Flora(Wood) Available at Crystal Shop
    • [Season Limited] Flora's Package
    • [Capture Festival Limited] Benedict's Support (1+1)
    • [Capture Festival Limited] Seira's Support (1+1)
  • Ends on Mar 29th 09:00(UTC+0)
    • Costumes on Sale!
  • Ends on Mar 29th 14:59(UTC+0)
    • [Season Limited] (3★)Flora(Wood) Guardian Dungeon
  • Ends on Mar 29th 23:59(Local Time)
    • [Season Limited] Fusion Event
  • Ends on Mar 31st 14:59(UTC+0)
    • [Season Limited] Skill Books of the Month

Balances & Bug Fixes

▸ Balances

  • Both Variant Holy Gleem and Variant Gleems can now be used on Evo.3 Astromons
  • Gleem Egg added in [Incubators]
    • In a small chance, Variant Gleem will be summoned from summoning/opening Gleem Eggs
  • Change in number of Fire/Water/Wood Leveling Packs available per month
    • Before: 1 Purchase per Month(0/1)
    • After: 3 Purchase per Month(0/3)
  • Change in number of Astrogem Sack/Coffer/Chest/Strongbox package available per month
    • Before: 20 Purchase per Month(0/20)
    • After: 30 Purchase per Month(0/30)
  • Festival Gold Package is now also available during Clan Festival

▸ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that [Empyrean] Victoria & Nike(Water)'s active skill damage was set lower than Victoria(Water)'s damage
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes Astromons attacked twice on your first turn after pressing AUTO in the beginning of the battle
  • Fixed a bug that displayed wrong text for [Crisis Aversion] in Clan Region Defense
    • Crisis Aversion: Decreases enemies' critical hit rate by 15% in the Astromon League

User Interface Updates
  • [Accept All] function added in Inbox
  • [Temporary Storage] added in Inbox
    • Astromons sent to Inbox will be kept in [Temporary Storage]
    • Astromon summons from Special Shop/Festival Ticket will be forwarded to Temporary Storage if your storage is full
    • Free summons from Special Shop however, will not get this benefit
    • Can adjust the list by 'Time Left' or 'Grade'
  • Change in pop**ups
    • You can now skip 'Astromon of the Month' pop-up
    • Masters above level 30 will no longer have an Inbox pop-up upon login
    • Bingo pop-up will only come out on your first login of the day and when the timer no longer counts
    • Clan Conflict pop-up will no longer come out in the lobby but when entering adventure
  • [Tap▶▶] button delay after battle significantly shortened
  • [Hatch 10x] function added to [High] Eggs
    • [High] Secret Egg
    • [High] Fire Egg
    • [High] Water Egg
    • [High] Wood Egg
    • [High] Light/Dark Egg
  • [Feed 10] function added to [Medium]&[High] Fruits
  • [Detail] function added in Astroguide that allows camera zoom-in
  • You can now [Auto Select] members in Clan Conflict based on the best scores achieved from last fight
  • [Summon]->[Fusion] UI changed
  • [Boutique] UI changed
  • Artorius's stance in Class President Collection changed
  • Arthur's costume name changed
    • Back to School Collection -> Class President Collection
  • Improved skill effects of [Empyrean] Victoria & Nike

Sources: Official Facebook Page, Maintenance Notes

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