Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance Schedule
  • April 26th, 07:10 ~ 09:25 (UTC+0)

Maintenance Details

New Astromon Added

  • Mowgli (3★Fire,Water,Wood,4★Light,Dark
    • Can be obtained from [Incubators], [Special Shop], and [Fusion]
Preview Mowgli
Leader Skill: Fighting Spirit Increases attack power of ally [element] astromon by 30~35%
Fire Attacker Wood Hunter: Crt Dmg +50% Wood Predator: Atk +40%
Water Attacker Fire Hunter: Crt Dmg +50% Fire Predator: Atk +40%
Wood Attacker Water Hunter: Crt Dmg +50% Water Predator: Atk +40%
Light Attacker Dark Hunter: Crt Dmg +50% Dark Predator: Atk +40%
Dark Attacker Light Hunter: Crt Dmg +50% Light Predator: Atk +40%

New Costume/Collection

Costume WukongWedding
  • [Spring Groom] Sun Wukong(May 10th)
    • 3 colors and 3 designs
    • Costume's colors don't relate to Astromon's elements
    • Purchased costumes can be worn by same Astromons simultaneously
    • Astromons with costumes equipped will have a small ribbon mark on their character's thumbnail

Tina's Support

  • [Gem Slot Conversion Ticket] Added
    • can change the slot of desired gem slot for a specific Astromon
    • can be bought maximum of 3 times per month
    • can be used by touching the gem slot of the targeted Astromon

Name Change Ticket

  • [Name Change Ticket] Added
    • can be bought once per week
    • can be used by touching the profile in Airship

Romantic Holiday Discounts

  • Apr 29th 15:00 ~ May 5th 14:59 (UTC+0)
    • [50% Sale] Astrogem Sack Package
    • [50% Sale] Astrogem Coffer Package
    • [50% Sale] Astrogem Chest Package
    • [50% Sale] Astrogem Strongbox Package
  • Can only be bought once

Change in Returning Player's [Special Welcome Back Gift]

Before After
Day 1 [High] Secret Egg x1 Gold x1,000,000
Day 2 Gold x100,000 EXP 2x Boost(48hr) x1
Day 3 [High] Secret Egg x1 Astrogem x600
Day 4 [High] Secret Egg x1 EXP 2x Boost(48hr) x1
Day 5 Energy x100 Gold x1,000,000
Day 6 [High] Secret Egg x1 6★ Gem Chest x1
Day 7 Astrogem x200 [Heroic] Secret Egg x1
  • The system now identifies masters who have not logged in for more than 45 days as a Returning Player
  • Masters who were still getting previous gifts will start again on the new Day 1's gift
  • Masters who have not logged in since April 13, 2018 will be considered as a Returning Player

Balance & Bug Fixes

  • Gold Dungeon Rework
    • No longer has multiple floors/stages
    • Higher damage output will reward higher gold reward
    • Increased the total amount of gold reward masters can get
  • Changed Quests
    • (Monthly)Complete all daily quests 25 times -> 20 times
    • (Weekly)Play the Gold Dungeon 5 times -> 3 times
  • Changed Missions
    • (Chapter 26-3)Achieve victory in the Gold Dungeon 10 times -> Enter 3 times
    • (Chapter 28-2)Achieve victory in the Gold Dungeon 10 times -> Enter 3 times
    • (Chapter 32-3)Achieve victory in the Gold Dungeon 15 times -> Enter 5 times
    • (Chapter 34-2)Achieve victory in the Gold Dungeon 10 times -> Enter 3 times
  • Clan Region Defense Balance Fix(April 30th)
    • Level 1 Titan’s HP increased from 1,000,000 to 3,000,000
    • Fire Titan’s HP drastically decreased to match the other elemental Titan’s HP
      • Before: 2x higher than other elemental Titans
      • After: All elemental Titans share same HP
    • Decreased the Attack of Titans by 10~15% depending on levels
    • Changed the Attacks of Titans
      • Before: Light > Wood > Water > Fire > Dark
      • After: Fire > Water > Wood > Light > Dark
    • Decreased the Titan(Water)’s impenetrable Defense similar to other elemental Titan’s
      • Before: 2x higher than other elemental Titans
      • After: All elemental Titans share same Defense
    • Changed Titan’s passive skills
      • Fire: [Stun] 1 Turn 80% → [2 Types of Sap Damage] 2 Turns 60%
      • Water: [Attack Down] 2 Turns 80% → [Attack Down] 2 Turns 60%
      • Light: [Seal] 2 Turns 80% → [Petrification] 2 Turns 60%
      • Dark: [Defense Down] 2 Turns 80% → [Defense Down] 2 Turns 60%
    • Defeating the Titans regardless of how much HP they have left now grants the highest rate reward possible to prevent masters from avoiding ‘last hitting’ the Titans
    • Increased the time of [Clan Region Defense]
      • Before: 12:00~16:00(4hrs) + 20:00~24:00(4hrs)
      • After: 12:00~17:00(5hrs) + 19:00~24:00(5hrs)
  • Astrogem Sack, Coffer, Chest, and Strongbox Packages will no longer have a limit of 30 times per month
    • Non-package Astrogem items removed
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a bug that Leader Skills displayed wrong numbers in [Colossus Dungeon], [Clan Conflict], and [Clan Region Defense]
    • Fixed a bug that [Gleem Eggs] automatically hatched and sent to [Inbox] for [Astromon of the Month]'s reward(Applies on May 1st)
    • Fixed a bug that displayed wrong order when Fusing two Astromons
    • Fixed a bug that changed the order of items in [Inbox] when scrolling up or down

Quality of Life Updates

  • Clan Masters and Officers can now delete messages on [Clan Wall]
  • Bigger [Storages]
    • Storage 1: 100️ → 150
    • Storage 2 (Windsinger): 50 → 150
    • Storage 3 (Albatross): 100 → 150
  • [Windsinger] now costs 990 Astrogem
  • Masters can now expand the [Basic Storage] to 200 slots with one button
    • Can go up to 50% discount if done from the start
  • [Accept All] function in [Inbox] now can be used to collect ONLY the selected item
  • There will now be an in-game [Chat Notice] for ascending Astromons to 6★
  • All costumes can now be put on to Evo 1,2,3 regardless of their original design(except for Super Evo costumes)
    • (ex.) Evo. 1 Victoria’s Back to School collection on Evo. 3 Nike
    • Equipped costumes will be unequipped after the patch
    • Evo. 1's costume on Evo. 3 will change the attack motion of Evo. 3 to Evo. 1
  • Modified Dragon's touch screen area to avoid targeting wrong enemy
  • Dynamic Camera is now also applied in Dungeons
  • Now supports proper UI & Resolution for iPhone X

Closing Events

  • Ends on Apr 26th 02:59(UTC+0)
    • Sherlock Capture Festival
    • Lupin's Package
    • (3★)Sherlock(Wood)'s Soulstones Available at Shady Shop
    • (3★)Variant Sherlock(Wood) Available at Crystal Shop
    • [Capture Festival Limited] Benedict's Support (1+1)
    • [Capture Festival Limited] Seira's Support (1+1)
  • Ends on Apr 30th 14:59 (UTC+0)
    • [Season Limited] Skill Books of the Month
    • Light/Dark Victoria Package

Sources: Official Facebook Page, Maintenance Notes

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