Event Complete!!

Thanks to everyone that participated! Round of applause to those who found all of the candies as well! Congrats to PharmD and Maidemporium for winning the raffle!

Until next time~


Guess what guys, we're holding a SUPER FUN event for you all! So let's get our Halloween hats on cause it's time to go trick-or-treating!!!

Event Period
  • Start: Oct 30, 12:00 PM EST
  • End: Oct 31, 21:00 (9:00 PM) EST
    • Winners Announced: Oct 31, 21:30 (9:30 PM) EST(edited)
    • Countdown until event ends: CLICK


Candy has been spread around the MSL Wiki and it's up to you to collect them all! There are a total of 5 candies to find and each one will net you an entry ticket into a raffle!


There will be two winners!

  • $10 Credit (Google Play, Apple Store, or Paypal)
  • Special Server Role

How to Participate
  1. Take a full screen ScreenShot/photo of each candy you find and write your Username on it somewhere
  2. DM your candies to Maymurs (Maymurs (=ΦwΦ=)#4491) or Dalton (Dalton#9293) on Discord to enter

Candies will look like this: 🍬 (this one does not count)

Note: Discord is REQUIRED for this event. DO NOT post your screen shots publicly or anywhere on the Wiki. Only those entered via DMs will be counted. Everything else will be invalid and public posts removed.

  1. Do not post your screenshots anywhere other than in DMs through Discord to the above mods!
  2. Do not submit fake screenshots (aka posting the candy onto a page and pretending you found it there)
  3. Do not disclose the location of the candies to anyone. That ruins the fun!

Please be advised, users found breaking these rules may be subjected to disqualification.

We understand some may want to help their fellow users, so giving HINTS is permitted but please do not make them easy/blatant and don't tell others straight out where the candies are located.

We want this to be FUN and INTERACTIVE for everyone, so please keep your hints and conversations in the spirit of fun.

We will be posting/updating the number of tickets earned and the list of full entries in the #TrickorTreat channel in the Discord so make sure to join us there! Feel free to post your questions here or in #general

Good luck and happy hunting!

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