Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance Schedule
  • 12/12 (Tue) 7:10 ~ 9:00 (UTC+0)

Maintenance Details

▸ New Astromon Added

  • (3★ Wood, 4★ Light/Dark) Rudolph added
    • You will be able to obtain (3★ Wood) Rudolph through the Capture Festival and Guardian Dungeon
    • You will be able to obtain (4★ Light/Dark) Rudolph through the limited Fusion Summon Event

▸ (3★ Wood) Rudolph Capture Festival

  • Festival Preparation Event period: 12/12 9:00 ~ 12/14 3:59 (UTC+0)
    • You will get a Lucky Ticket x1 when clicking [submit] button after writing your wish.
    • You will get an additional Lucky Ticket x1 when the community reaches the goal for overall wishes.
    • You will get a Lucky Ticket x1 when done sharing on facebook.
    • You will get an additional Lucky Ticket 1x when the community reaches the overall share goal.
  • Festival Event period: 12/14 12:00 ~ 12/29 2:59 (UTC+0)
    • (3★Wood) Rudolph will appear with a probability similar to S.Rare Astromon in Adventure Area.
    • You will receive Lucky Ticket 1x everytime you capture 2, 4, and 8 Astromons.
    • Additional ranking in the top7 will give u bonus tickets.
  • Final Period: 11/27(Mon) 12/29 3:00 ~ 12/31 2:59 (UTC+0)
    • You will be able to use ur Lucky Tickets to use Nezz Lottery Machine.
    • Jackpot can contain Gleems, 600 Astrogems, D’Artagnan, 1,000,000 Gold, <Legendary> Secret Egg.

▸ Lucky Ticket Adjustments

  • Adjusted the reward balance by deleting 777 Gold, and 7777 Gold from the possible reward choice
  • Distribution of additional Lottery Tickets during the Final Period

▸ New Guardian Dungeon Event

  • (3★ Wood) Rudolph Guardian Dungeon Event added
  • Event Period: 12/14 3:00 ~ 12/31 14:59 (UTC+0)
  • (3★Wood)Rudolph's Guardian Dungeon will replace the Kilobat Guardian Dungeon during the event period.

▸ New Soulstone Event

  • (3★ Wood) Rudolph's soulstone will be sold from the first slot of Shady Shop
  • Event period: 12/14 3:00 ~ 12/31 2:59 (UTC+0)

▸ Synergy Bonus System Added

  • A Bonus which will be applied to your team
  • To activate the Synergy, there will be conditions such as elements/battle types/genders
  • There will be 'Hidden Energy' where you have to infer due to the hidden Astromon
  • The Synergy System will be tested and only available at 'Dungeons' (Colossus Dungeon excluded)
  • [Synergy Astroguide] button will be added on Astroguide.

▸ [Limited!] Skillbook Added

  • Event period: 12/15 3:00 ~ 12/31 14:59 (UTC+0)
  • We will be selling 4 skillbooks of the Astromon selected as Astromon of the Month.
  • Astromon of the Month #1 : 5★ Skillbook (Valkyrie)
    • can be purchased up to 8 times
  • Astromon of the Month #2: 4★ Skillbook (Random between Incubus and Leo)
    • can be purchased up to 8 times
  • Astromon of the Month #3: 3★ Skillbook (one among Miho, Seedler, Seiren)
    • can be purchased up to 10 times
  • Astromon of the Month #4: 1★ Skillbook (Slime)
    • Unlimited purchase available

▸ Crystal Shop Update

  • You will be able to obtain normal and variant (3★ Wood) Rudolph.
  • Variant: 300 Crystals Nat: 100 Crystals
  • Unlimited purchase available.
Crystal shop3

▸ Limited Fusion Event

  • Event period: 12/14 00:00 ~ 12/31 23:59 (Local Time)
  • You will be able to obtain (4★, Light/Dark)Rudolph through Fusion Summoning.
    • Equipped Gems will disappear when fusing, so we suggest you to unequip all the gems when fusing.
    • You will be able to get variants with random rate when fusing. (The rate will be random even when variants are used as a material)
    • The Astromons obtained through fusion will reset to level 1 no matter what materials you used.
    • The shape of the Gem's Slot will be changed randomly when fusing.
  • [Limited Once] (3★Wood, Evo.2) Rudoe + (3★ Wood, Evo.3) Noelle = (4★, Light Evo.1) Rudolph
  • Cost: 300,000 Gold
  • [Limited Once] (3★ Wood, Evo.2)Rudoe + (3★ Wood, Evo.3) = (4★ Dark, Evo.1) Rudolph
  • Cost:300,000 Gold
  • Added a reroll option for different gem slots
    • (4★, Light,Evo.1)Rudolph + (3★Wood, Evo.1) = (4★, Light,Evo.1) Rudolph
    • Cost:100,000 Gold
    • (4★,Dark,Evo.1)Rudolph + (3★,Wood, Evo.1) = (4★, Dark, Evo.1)Rudolph
    • Cost:100,00 Gold

▸ Rudolph's Christmas Gift Pack Added

  • Event period: 12/14 3:00 ~ 12/31 2:59 (UTC+0)
  • Cost: 990 Astrogems
  • Composition: [(3★ Wood)Rudolph] x4
  • You will be able to get <High>Light/Dark Egg x1 as bonus when purchasing twice.
  • You will be able to get (random summon among Fire/Water/Wood)Gleem Egg when purchasing 3 times.
  • You will be able to purchase this package 3times.
Rudolph pack

▸ Airship Pack Discount Event

  • Event period: 12/12 After Maintenance ~ 1/25 Before Maintenance
  • Windsinger and Albatross Package will be sold at a discounted price during the event period.

▸ Benedict's Support Pack Event

  • You will gain an additional *2 Booster for 12 hours after purchasing the Benedict Support Pack. This offer only works once.

▸ Small Changes

  • You will be able to hatch 10 Eggs at once for <Low>Secret Egg, <Mid>Secret Egg, and <Low>Light/Dark Egg.
  • You will be able to adjust the amount of Materials you want to sell at Super Laboratory > Material storage
    • When selecting the number of Materials you wanna sell, you will be able to use the slide bar to select the amount in a much easier way.
  • Friend List > After sending all the Gold to your friends, friends whom you'll be able to get Astrogems from will move to the top of the list.
  • Battle result > While auto-battling, you will be either choose to continue or stop the auto-battle when touching the [preparing for the next battle] screen.
  • Monster page > lvl. up > those with the level 40 or higher will be able to use fruits by hundreds.
  • Airship > Monster > Ascension > Starstone [+] button touch (info will pop up) > You will be able to check the Dungeon information that will be opening daily.
  • When getting Clan Festival gifts, you will be able to open gifts straight.
  • Battle result tab> From the Adventure Area or part of the Dungeons, your own Best Clear Time will be marked.
    • Guardian Dungeon, Tower of Chaos, Clan Conflict, Regional Defense will not be marking the Clear Time.
    • Record will all disappear when deleting the game.
  • Astromon Story/Habitat tab > you will be able to view other elemented/evolved version of the Astromon.
    • You will be able to check out the information on the other Evo.1~Evo.3 version through clicking the left and right arrow button.
    • Through the Element mark, you will be able to view all the information on the other elements.
  • From 7 days before the [Tower of Chaos] Season ends, the left-over time will be marked on the area of Tower of Chaos in the world map.
  • Clan > Regional Defense with Clan Conflict's Battle result screen > When touching it, you will be able to check out the information of the item.
    • For Gems, you will be able to sell it right away.
  • Adventure Area > It will be vibrated when encountering Rare Astromon during the battle.
    • You will be able to turn on/off through the setting.
    • It will be vibrated twice (Quitting the battle will cause vibration once)
    • Astromons that will cause vibration when encountered: Variant/Rare/S.Rare/Event/Legendary
  • Dungeon Party Saved > Golem Dungeon, Dragon Dungeon party will not be saved- It will be saved respectively.

▸ Errors Fixed

  • Quests > Daily, Weekly, Monthly quests' UI will be improved.
  • Issue of guiding you to the Lobby when clicking the Monster Icon has now been fixed.
  • Issue on screen blacking out when getting rewared will be fixed.

Sources: Official Facebook Page, Maintenance Notes

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