Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance Schedule
  • 2/27 (Thu) 7:10 ~ 09:10 (UTC+0)

Maintenance Details

▸ New Astromon Added

  • Lucy(4★Fire/Water/Wood/Light/Dark) Added
  • You will be able to obtain Lucy through Festival Rebirth.

  • Misha(3★Fire/Water/Wood, 4★Light/Dark) Added
  • You will be able to obtain Misha through Rebirth.

▸ New Super Evolution: <Empyrean> Victoria & <Empyrean> Nike Announcement

  • Will be released during the 3/8 patch

▸ Balance & Bug Fixes

  • "Synergy Animations" On/Off feature added in Settings
  • Synergy animation effects now pop up 3 times faster and is set to default regarding the speed of battle
  • "Active Synergies Preview" now shows all the responsible Astromons
  • Reworked modeling quality in Boutique
  • Obtaining Super Stone materials in Adventures no longer stops player's auto battles
  • Loot box at the end of the battle now takes less time to open and also added a "Skip" feature to it

▸ Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that "Sap" damages to Titans in Clan Region Defense didn't add up to player's total damage done
  • Fixed a bug that number of remaining days for Clan Apprentice period displayed random numbers
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes bingo pieces could be completed regardless of time spent in game
  • Fixed a bug where capturing Astromons or clearing stages while all of player's Astromons were CCed caused errors

▸ Ending Events

  • Boutique 3 costume collections sale ends on Feb 27th 9:00(UTC+0)
  • Tanya Capture Festival and all Tanya sessional events end on Feb 28th.
    • Ends on Feb 28th 2:59(UTC+0)
      • Tanya Capture Festival
      • [Season Limited] (3★)Tanya(Fire)'s Soulstones Available at Shady Shop
      • [Season Limited] (3★)Variant Tanya(Fire) Available at Crystal Shop
      • [Season Limited] Little Match Girl's Package
      • [Capture Festival Limited] Benedict's Support (1+1)
    • Ends on Feb 28th 14:59(UTC+0)
      • [Season Limited] (3★)Tanya(Fire) Guardian Dungeon
      • [Season Limited] (4★)Miho(Light/Dark) Packages
      • [Season Limited] Skill Books of the Month
    • Ends on Feb 28th 23:59(Local Time)
      • [Season Limited] Fusion Event

Sources: Official Facebook Page, Maintenance Notes

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