Greetings! We recently did some cool tweaks and updates for our Discord server to make things much more enjoyable. Here are the updates:

50 Monster Super League Emoji!

You can now use 50 cute different Monster Super League emoji/emotes on our server for chat. (Special thanks to Niello for helping out.)

Discord RPG Channel!

The #discord-rpg channel got added! You can now play a text RPG game on our server with other chatters. Also earn some chat EXP for playing. Discuss or show off your accomplishments on Discussions.


We're now looking for potential Monster Super League leaks on our #research channel (new Astromon batches, updates, etc). Can also be discussed on Wiki Discussions

Minor Text Changes!

We did some minor text changes for channel descriptions and more. 

Want to join in the fun while playing Monster Super League and help contribute to our wiki? Check out our Discord Server page for details!

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